Spark is a creative, combo-based shmup with bullet-hell and puzzle elements. The unique shooting system hooks the player as they discover more ways to create beautiful and deadly combos.

The central element of the game is the combination of the various bullets. There are countless methods of creating these combos and endless amounts intriguing patterns for the player to master. The players' skills will be tested in the challenging Story Mode, the endless, wave-based Survival mode, and the cerebral Puzzle mode.

Key Features

  • A unique shooting system that facilitates seemingly endless amounts different combos!
  • 6 Extremely Challenging Campaign Levels + Boss encounters.
  • Procedurally generated survival mode, with fully integrated leaderboards.
  • 20+ Puzzles to sharpen your skills.
  • Original soundtrack, easter eggs, captivating story... and much more!

About Us


Knightmare Games is an Indie Game company from beautiful Denver, Colorado focused on delivering unique and fun experiences to our players. Our debut game Spark is currently in development and is scheduled for release in March 2017.

When we are not working on games, we enjoy doing the gaming ourselves. We also enjoy hiking, sports, brewing, and traveling... among many other things.

We love interacting with the community and we encourage you to reach out to us on anytime.You can reach us on our social medias: Twitter, Facebook, Discord...etc. Whatever works best for you works for us. Cheers.


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